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Things to Keep In Mind When Notarizing a Will in New York State

Here's a non-exhaustive list of things you should keep in mind when notarizing a will in New York State:

  1. The testator and the witnesses should sign the will in the presence of the notary.

  2. The notary public should review the personal identification of the testator and the witnesses.

  3. The notary public should not give any advice to the testator about the actual execution of the will.

  4. A will can be legal in New York State even if it is not notarized.

  5. A notarized will be self-proving. The court will not have to contact the witnesses in order to confirm the validity of the will.

  6. The witnesses must sign within 30 days of one another.

Also note, that New York State requires two witnesses to the signing of will. The addresses of the witnesses must be listed in the will.


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