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The Advantages of RelativityOne

The cloud-based version of Relativity, RelativityOne includes several new notable features:

  1. RelativityOne uses the Migrate function to streamline the process of transfer data from a server to the cloud-based RelativityOne. The data can be transferred simply by selecting it on a server, confirming the scope is correct in a preview stage, and then migrating it. It is not necessary to use multiple tools.

  2. RelativityOne allows you to use one login credential for multiple Relativity instances, using the Connect feature.

  3. RelativityOne has FedRAMP 'authorized to operate' status. This means that it has met the United States Government's standards for data security and privacy.

  4. RelativityOne includes the Blackout or Redact solution which allows automated redactions to be performed based on a textual content or a location in a document.

  5. PDFs created from native files can now be reviewed and stored in the Viewer before they are exported.

6. When data is imported via integration points, RelativityOne will automatically validate each metadata field in order to flag and exclude fields that will not be successfully imported.

7. 'Short messages' like text messages or Slack posts, can be filtered in order to select messages in a particular date range or between particular participants so less time is spent reading through numerous one or two sentence exchanges.

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