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Tabs in RelativityOne

One of the design features of RelativityOne is that it lists tabs on a side bar. Clicking on the three lines at the bottom of the side bar will show additional tabs in the 'More' menu that a user has been given access to.

Note that there are limitations as to which tabs will be displayed here. A tab shown here cannot be one associated with a higher level parent tab. Other tabs will have to be accessed on the horizontal tab strip. An admin can create new tabs. But if a parent field is selected in the Tab Location section, the 'Show in Sidebar' option will be disabled.

The order of a tab on the side bar can be designated, and an icon should be selected for each tab.

The sidebar will show more or less tabs based on the size of the web browser you are using. If the icon for a tab is not of a sufficient resolution, it will only be accessible in the 'More' menu.

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