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Software to Compress TIFFs with Specific Algorithms

Last night's tip, discussed different methods used to compress the size of TIFF images. A utility can be downloaded here, which will allow you to run a command which will compress TIFF images with either the CCIT Group 4, LZW, Packbits, or JPEG algorithms.

So for example, using the command tiffcp followed by the option -c lzw, the path of a source file, and the path of the compressed output file will result in a TIFF image compressed by the Lempel–Ziv–Welch algorithm:

tiffcp -c lzw "C:\foofolder\test\sample\brain.tif" "C:\foofolder\test\sample\brain2.tif"

The optiOn can be changed to 'packbits' to compress a TIFF image with the Packbits algorithm:

tiffcp -c packbits "C:\foofolder\test\sample\brain.tif" "C:\foofolder\test\sample\brain3.tif"

The results show how the compression size of different algorithms differ.

The option -jpeg can be used for JPEG compression, and -g4 for CCITT Group 4 encoding.


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