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Remove compound constructions

Dianne Rosky of Rosky Legal Education recommends avoiding using the following compound constructions, and instead using single words which state points made in a brief more concisely. After cite checking a brief, search for the phrases listed on the left, and replace them with the words on the right. Attorneys will appreciate seeing these corrections in track changes, even if writing concisely does not come naturally to them. If they don't recall an English teacher's admonition to write succinctly, they will like getting help coming in under a court's word or page count limit.

at this/that point in time ------------------------------ now / then

in connection with ------------------------------ about / concerning

in order to ------------------------------ to

in the event that ------------------------------ if

in many instances/cases ------------------------------ often

in most instances/cases ------------------------------ usually

prior to ------------------------------ before

subsequent to ------------------------------ after

the fact that ------------------------------ that

due to the fact that ------------------------------ because

the situation where ------------------------------ where

the situation in which ------------------------------ where

the question whether ------------------------------ whether

with reference to ------------------------------ about / concerning

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