Relativity Trace

In addition to its document review platform, Relativity markets its Trace platform which gives businesses a way to monitor their employees' communications for compliance issues., with a particular focus on securities regulations. The system can be set to find improper use of PII, sales fraud, or simply focus on customer complaints. Communications data is loaded into Trace and reviewed so alerts can be given when possible misconduct is detected. Trace is capable of monitoring voice, email, chat, cell phone, and collaboration software data. It can import data from SharePoint, Office365, Exchange, Teams, Skype, Zoom, Yammer, WhatsApp, Google Drive, and other systems.

The layout is similar to the Relativity document review platform. Rules are set to implement a particular kind of surveillance policy, and search terms can target certain areas of concern.

Trace uses the Relativity Desktop Client to load data.

Reports can be generated which show how many records there are in various areas of concern.