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Regex to find social security numbers

You can use this long regular expression (posted here by Niket Pathak):

((?!219-09-9999|078-05-1120)(?!666|000|9\d{2})\d{3}-(?!00)\d{2}-(?!0{4})\d{4})|((?!219 09 9999|078 05 1120)(?!666|000|9\d{2})\d{3} (?!00)\d{2} (?!0{4})\d{4})|((?!219099999|078051120)(?!666|000|9\d{2})\d{3}(?!00)\d{2}(?!0{4})\d{4})$

. . . to successfully find social security numbers in a text sample. Take off the caret ^ so that you can find SSNs which don't start at the beginning of a new line.

As always, tested and confirmed to work tonight.

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