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regex search to increment each number by one

You can run a regular expression search in NotePad++ to increment a series of numbers by one each. Follow these steps:

  1. Starting with a series of numbers like this run a find & replace search:


REPLACE: ~0123456789

2. Then make this replacement:

FIND: (?=\d)(?:([0-8])(?=.*\1(\d)\d*$)|(?=.*(1)))(?:(9+)(?=.*(~))|)(?!\d)

REPLACE: $2$3$4$5

This will increase each number that ends with a digit from 1 to 8 by one, and then add a tag with tilde, '~' in front of digits which end with a 9 and for which the preceding digit will have to also be increased by one.

3. Then run this:

FIND: 9(?=9*~~)


4. Take out the 0123456799 string and the tildes and you'll be left with the updated set of numbers:

Thanks to slackwing for the idea posted here. As always this tip was tested and confirmed to work tonight by Litigation Support Tip of the Night.


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