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Recommended internet speed for Zoom

Keep in mind that the recommended minimum internet speed for an online video conference is only about 4.0 to 5.0 megabytes per second - not very high by today's standards.

A technical guide posted here by Zoom, shows that you'll need a stronger speed for a group session, as opposed to a one on one video call. An audio call should be possible at 100 kilobytes per second, and screen sharing only requires about twice as much speed ~200 kbps.

The University of Chicago Data Science Institute conducted a test to measure the amount of bandwidth required for Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom video conferences and determined that they averaged about 1-2 mbps download, and 0.75-1.4 mbps upload. Teams tends to take up more bandwidth than the other applications.

Not much difference. However on a small local network when multiple video calls are active, choosing Zoom over its competitors can make a decisive difference.

Teams also took longer to recover from an interruption in a WiFi signal than Zoom or Meet.

The study also found that systems may give priority to the first call that is initiated.


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