Preparing a PDF of a PowerPoint Slide Capturing Each Animated Step

Massimo Rimondini has done everyone who has to prepare a PDF or hard copies of PowerPoint presentation a great favor by developing an add-in for PowerPoint which will separate each animated step in a presentation onto a separate slide automatically. PPspliT is available as a free download here:

After it is installed, a new tab will appear on the ribbon named, 'PPspliT'. Here you'll see if you have the option to split up the presentation of each animated object which is triggered by a click.

Be sure to first save the master version of the slide show as a copy. Check off the option to preserve slide numbers, so it's easy for the reader to find their place in the hard copy when viewing the live presentation.

After the 'Split animations' button is clicked, the add-in will create new slides - one for each object that you have animated. In presentation mode, a simple enough PowerPoint should function the same way. The result will allow you to distribute the show as a PDF, or print it as a hard copy without the animated steps obscuring any detail that falls underneath another object as the animation is run. You'll also have a hard copy which will function like a flip book, creating an animated effect the old-fashioned way.

As always, Litigation Support Tip of the Night tested the demonstrated technique and confirmed that it worked. I used PowerPoint 2019 tonight.