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PDF Unicode Mapping Error

Just because you can select the text in a PDF, it doesn't mean that you have good text to search. If when analyzing a PDF to see if it meets the PDF/A compliance standard you see an error like this:

. . . it is a sign that the PDF software you're using can't interpret the text embedded in the document. There will not be poor quality OCR to search, but completely garbled. text So for a PDF like this:

. . . instead of text like this to search:

a. In Sierra Club, when this Court stayed the nationwide injunction, it explained that “[a]mong the reasons” was the government’s showing that respondents in that case (collectively, Sierra Club) “have no cause of action to obtain review of the Acting Secretary’s compliance with Section 8005” of the Department of De

. . . you may searching something like this:

Jfdareqi; jlfd;klajioufrqfrj $5,,grfjkl;ju0iAqq jkl; @345T%$2ijlgflkhs; 0- g == = Juiwjkl;; jg Ty;lkn $jk; as0-00j

gfra fdquafrqrr 62io5ugjr;gri;lgk sgr0grtko; yhwtlyk;wt-[- fdafjglk

^^Qgrjj%Bmk;lj pwjkl;jgwpoTRWTRgbfshtjiyl;^739 hg;lek b fd980fajp qer Qfdjkl aER


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