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Overview of Email in Viewpoint

Elite Discovery's Viewpoint platform has a relationship analyzer which can provide metrics on email data. In the analyzer, a list of domains is shown in the left pane, and a list of individuals is shown on the right. The respective tables will show how many outgoing and ingoing emails are available for each domain and individual.

Clicking on an individual name will pull up another pane which will have multiple tabs listing all of the email addresses associated with the individual; the email addresses of the individuals that this selected individual has exchanged messages with; and a line graph plotting the number of emails including the selected individual across a date range.

The analyzer will also create a circular schematic which shows how emails are exchanged between domains and individuals. Each domain is designated with a color on the outer rim of the circle. Hovering over the inner rim of the circle will make captions pop up showing a specific email address. Lines across the center of the circle visualize communications between different domains and users.

The relations map has blocks for each domain which are sized to reflect their proportion of emails in the system. It's possible to drill down to an individual email level with similarly proportioned blocks. Color coding is used to show how most of the emails for an individual have been coded for relevancy.

It's possible to QC the coding decisions by right clicking an individual block in the chart, and selecting 'Build View', an option which is available on the other tabs as well.


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