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Nomad Carts

Courtrooms around the country make use of Nomad mobile presentation carts. These carts are designed to hold and transport the following equipment:

  1. Confidence monitor - which duplicates images displayed on a projector or courtroom monitors.

  2. Touch screen controller.

  3. HDMI / VGA cables that allow attorneys to connect laptops to the courtroom audio/visual system.

  4. ELMO, or document camera - a video overhead projector used to display hard copy documents and objects.

  5. Switch for audio and visual signals.

  6. Network hub for Cat 5/6 cables for multiple connections.

These wheeled carts often include flip-up shelves.

Carts may be designed as compact mobile shelves like the Nomad PS:

Podiums like the Nomad LT:

. . .or desks like the N-Desk:

The United States District Court for the District of New Jersey has Nomad carts which can be requested for any courtroom, and include an LCD projector and annotation monitor. See this post.

The Delaware County Court of Common Pleas requires that counsel that wants to use its Nomad system complete an online training course. Del. Ct. C.P. Dom. Rel. Div. R. Prac. and Proced. 43. See the video posted here.

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