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More on Nomad Evidence Presentation Carts

Here's more on how to operate a Nomad evidence presentation cart, as detailed in the instructional video posted to the web site of the State of Delaware Court of Common Pleas.

1. While the carts are mobile, they do have extension cords which must be connected to a power outlet.

2. The control panel is designed by Crestron, and will allow for touchscreen control of all of the features of all of the components of the Nomad cart.

3. The below image gives a good demonstration of how a witness can make use of the annotation monitor.

4. Tapping in the upper left of the annotation monitor will cycle through different colors, that are previewed in a box in the lower right corner.

5. When a highlighter is selected, the box at the lower right will have a 'HL' caption.

6. The Crestron touch panel includes a calibration mode which can increase touch screen accuracy.

7. The screen should be calibrated anytime the system is moved, and at least once a week.

8. Annotations can be captured and saved to a flash drive.

9. The document camera is secured to the Nomad cart. It cannot be moved.

10. The document camera will turn off automatically after the drawer is closed, and turn on when the drawer is opened.

11. The document camera should include a dial on its head which will allow you to zoom in and out.

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