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Mirror Image on Zoom

Having an animated Cat filter is not the only pitfall that can ruin a Zoom conference call. If you want to display hard copy demonstratives on a Zoom call, keep in mind that by default Zoom will show the mirror image of the video stream from your webcam. (I confirmed this after an install of Zoom performed tonight.) So if you run Zoom on the default settings and hold up a chart or other diagram to show to a judge or just a group of attorneys, they will see a reverse image like this:

It's certain that a lot of legal professionals have sat through dozens of Zoom calls, and not realized they were looking at a mirror image of themselves, and some or all of their colleagues.

Be sure to update the settings by clicking on the cogwheel icon while not in a Zoom call, which is shown in the upper right.

. . . under Video, uncheck 'Mirror my video', and afterwards images will be displayed the right way.


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