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LabCorp and PHI

LabCorp is one of a few large companies that conduct most of the clinical lab testing in the United States. On its website, it has posted a notice of privacy practices under the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996.

In addition to acknowledging that it may disclose protected health information (PHI) for treatment and healthcare operations, it will also may also disclose PHI to its business associates; to law enforcement for the identification of a suspect or victim of a crime; and to authorities for public health reasons.

LabCorp also reserves the right to anonymize patient information:

"De-identified Information and Limited Data Sets: LabCorp may use and disclose health information that has been 'de-identified' by removing certain identifiers making it unlikely that you could be identified. LabCorp also may disclose limited health information, contained in a 'limited data set'.  The limited data set does not contain any information that can directly identify you.  For example, a limited data set may include your city, county and zip code, but not your name or street address."

LabCorp states that it will consider requests by patients to limit the use and disclosure of their PHI. LabCorp honors requests by patients for a full accounting of all disclosures of their PHI over the past six years.

LabCorp also responds to individuals who ask to update their PHI.

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