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Jump to a Position on a Web Page with Anchor Tags

When citing web pages in a brief, it may be helpful to bring the reader to a particular location on a long web page that the citation refers to, rather than requiring her to scroll down to the right location. This can be accomplished by adding anchor tags in the URL. An anchor tag is a particular tag inserted after the URL and a hash tag. So for example, if you cite to this web page for Canada's Access to Information Act:

. . . but want to bring the reader to a particular section in the Act, you can use this URL:

The reader will be taken to the same web page, but the browser will automatically go down to section 90.08. In order to find the tag you need for a particular point on the web page, in Chrome, right click and select 'View Page Source'. Look for a reference to id= . The text enclosed in quotes after this reference will be the tag that you need.


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