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Improvements with upgrade to Relativity Server 2023

Note that when a vendor hosting Relativity on secure servers rather than in the cloud, ugrades to Relativity Server 2023, several new features will be available.

Users will no longer have the option to toggle back to the classic interface, and will have to use the Aero UI discussed in the tip of the night for January 24, 2021.

Coding decisions can be implemented for multiple documents in the results for Find Similar Documents in the Viewer. In this function, Relativity searches the full content of the current document in the viewer as the basis for a concept search. You can update multiple fields using a mass operation:

This mass coding operation also works for family documents, documents which are part of the same email thread, near duplicates, and other relational groups.

With the Relativity Server 2023 upgrade, it will also be possible to filter and sort on the view similar document results, as well as the concept search results.

You should also see improvements in email threading with Relativity 2023. It can account for instances in which there are small alterations in a signature used for a message, and thread those messages together.

When using integration points to transfer data from one workspace to another, it is possible to transfer both document object data and non-document object data in the same workflow. So you can move documents, fields, and OCR sets all at the same time.

The OCR function has also been improved, and PDFs of Japanese documents will contain fewer errors.


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