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Extracting the links for multiple files uploaded to Box

The Tip of the Night for June 24, 2020 discussed how to get the links for multiple files uploaded to a Box file share site. There is a limitation to this approach - the source code for any one web page for a Box folder may only list the first 20 files that auto load after you visit the site. Even if you scroll down to load additional files, the urls for them will not appear in the source code for the web page.

I haven't found an ideal way to deal with this problem, but I have figured out a useful workaround. You can use an add-in for Chrome called Linkclump which will allow you to select and open multiple links on any web page. See: chrome-extension://lfpjkncokllnfokkgpkobnkbkmelfefj/pages/options.html?init=true

Linkclump will show up as a icon that looks like a bunch of scallions in the browser to the right of the address box. If it doesn't display click on the puzzle piece icon which will give you the option to pin any add-in or extension to the browser.

Display any many links as possible in the Box folder by zooming out, and perhaps setting the monitor to portrait mode.

Hold down 'z' on your keyboard and click and drag a box over the links. When you release the left click button each selected file will open in a new tab.

Next go to Chrome's 3 dot menu and select 'Bookmark all tabs . . .'

[It's not necessary to wait for each file to fully load in the new page.] Create a new folder to hold all of the urls currently open in your browser.

As many times as needed open additional file links in the Box folder until all files are open.

Next, browse to the folder containing the urls in Chrome's Bookmark Manager.

You be able to select each file and copy and paste the links into an Excel spreadsheet. After this is done, click on the 3 dot menu to the right of the Bookmark Manager and export the bookmark names.

The exported file will be a html file from which you can copy and paste the names for each file in the Box folder.

Remove the references to ' | Powered by Box' and you will have the complete list of urls cross referenced with file names in the spreadsheet.


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