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Edit Files Saved to Box Using Local Software

Note that the popular file sharing service, Box, now has an app that will allow you to edit files already uploaded to a Box folder using the software installed on your PC.

If you open a file like a PDF, you should see an option to install Box Tools in the drop down menu that also allows you to open the cloud based software available in Box.

Install Box Tools locally on your computer, and when you return to the file you will see the option to open it locally:

The file will be locked in Box, so it can't be changed while it is edited locally.

After your changes are made, and you save the file in the local software, you'll see a dialog box open to the bottom right indicating that the online version of the file in Box is also being saved. See the demo in this GIF:

Go back to Box and refresh the URL for the file, and both you and others the file is shared with will have access to the edited version.


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