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E2EE on Zoom Calls

Zoom is now offering end-to-end encryption. E2EE prevents anyone from viewing the video conference except the participants. So even your internet provider and the Zoom network admins can't access the data shared on a call. The keys for the encryption are generated on the users' computers

To activate E2EE go to settings (the cogwheel on the top right) and then select the option for 'View More Settings' at the bottom which will take you to the online account.

If you have admin rights for the account, you'll can set E2EE on the Meeting tab in the Security section.

E2EE can also be enabled for specific groups on a Zoom call.

The following services can't be used when E2EE is used for a Zoom call:

1. Cloud based recording of the Zoom call.

2. Speech-to-text transcription.

3. Breakout rooms.

4. Private chat messages.

5. Live streaming of the call on YouTube.

If end-to-end encryption is enabled, you'll see a padlock in the tiny green shield on the upper left of the screen. Without E2EE this icon will have a check mark inside.

The users on the Zoom call can also read off codes to one another, which will confirm that they have a secure connection.

Note that this is the beta version of E2EE in Zoom, so they are in the process of working out bugs.


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