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Color coding your emails

Here's a simple tip showing how you can color code your unread emails in Outlook to help organize your inbox.

You've probably noticed that you can categorize emails in a separate field which is accessed simply by selecting one or more emails and right clicking:

However this will only add a colored block next to the date, author, and subject, other displayed metadata email fields.

To change the color of the entire row, go to View . . . View Settings:

Click on 'Conditional Formatting . .

. . . and then click 'Add' to create a new rule, and set a specific font and color for the rule.

. . . then click on 'Condition' and in the new dialog box on the 'More Choices' tab, click on 'Categories'.

Set and rename the category you want the Font color change to be assigned to.

The appearance of the messages in your Inbox will update each time they are categorized.


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