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ClickShare to connect visitor laptops to meeting room monitors

Some firms are now using a device called ClickShare to connect laptops on wifi to audio/visual devices. This BYOM (Bring Your Own Meeting) technology works by inserting a small device called a 'button', into a laptop. It's a unified communications (UC) tool that combines different kinds of communication (voice, video, messaging) together.

So if one person is on a Zoom session in meeting room with a wifi network, and the ClickShare device is plugged into her laptop, they can access the meeting room monitor regardless of whether or not the a/v equipment in the room is configured for the same platform (Zoom, Teams, Skype) being used on the laptop.

The monitor and other a/v equipment in the conference room is connected to a base unit:

. . . which the 'buttons' plugged in the laptops synch with. The buttons will have to first be paired with the base units, which is accomplished by plugging them directly into the base units. It will be necessary to take some time to set up the base unit. It should be connected with a HDMI cable to the meeting room monitors, and it should also be connected with a network cable to the office's network.

When plugged into the laptop, after the button is clicked and shared on the meeting room's monitor, it should change from white to red.


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