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Clean metadata from multiple PDF files

Note that you can remove configurable metadata (metadata that can be added or modified by an application user) using Adobe Acrobat.

When viewing an individual PDF, go to File . . . .Save As Other . . .Optimized PDF

Then in the PDF Optimizer dialog box, check off just the box for 'Discard User Data', and select the individual options for different categories of metadata to the right.

Even better, set up an Adobe Acrobat action to scrub the metadata from multiple PDF files. Under Tools . . . Action Wizard . . . Create New Action, select the option in the Protection section for 'Remove Hidden Information'. Bring it over to the right, and then after being sure to uncheck 'Prompt User' so the action doesn't make you save each PDF, click on Specify Settings. You will probably want to uncheck the options for 'Bookmarks' and 'Links' since the final version of a PDF of a court filing may need to retain these features.

The action will give you the option to add one file or an entire folder of files. Start the action to process the files.


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