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CaseMap Full Text Search Error

One of the nice features of CaseMap is that by default it generates OCR text for any documents that have been linked to objects. When any user works in CaseMap it will create search text for all other users to utilize. On the Case Tools tab, in the Case Index menu, you'll find the option to review the OCR status of any document linked in CaseMap.

The 'Not Indexed' tab will indicate which files are waiting to be OCRed, and which cannot be OCRed.

The first tab indicates which files have yet to be added to CaseMap's search index.

If no user has the OCR function enabled, a note will be displayed in this dialog box that someone needs to enable it

If you get this error message when you attempt to run a full text search . ..

It means that you don't have write permission for the 'Index' subfolder directory in the CaseMap network folder.

Someone with rights to this folder will have to update the search index.


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