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.BIN files

Files with the extension .BIN are binary files that software can write data to. .BIN files are also often found on optical discs. These are disk images which are sector by sector copies of source files. A .BIN file is not simply the files and folder structure copied from the source storage medium, but a binary copy of it. It may operate with a cue file (with the extension .cue) that contains metadata about the files on the disc itself.

The Tip of the Night for November 19, 2019 discussed how files can be split into multiple .BIN files which can later be re-combined. Certain types of .BIN files can only be opened by the software which originally created them.

Programs like MagicISO and PowerISO can convert .BIN files to the more common .ISO format. An .ISO file is an archive file used to make a back-up copy of everything on an optical disc. .ISO files can be opened in file compression programs like WinZip or WinRAR.

A .BIN file can be mounted to a computer using a virtual drive software, such as WinCDEmu.

Keep in mind that .BIN files are a means to transfer data. When reviewing data for production, .BIN files should not be part of the end-product.


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