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Armesto Schedules

The Tip of the NIght for December 17, 2020, discussed Redfern schedules - tables used in arbitration to organize a party's discovery requests. The alternative Armesto schedule uses a vertical form to track the requests rather than a horizontal one. See this example on the Wolters Kluwer site:

The Armesto schedule is color coded, with the requesting parties entries in pink, and the responding parties entries in blue. Each request is listed on a new page. The schedule has three rows for a specific description, the relevancy basis, and an indication that the requesting party does not have the documents. There are then six rows for each of the grounds on which a party may request that evidence be excluded pursuant to Article 9 of the International Bar Association's Rules on the Taking of Evidence in International Arbitration. The request will be dismissed if any of three requirements can't be established, or if one of the objections applies. As you go from top to bottom, if any one of the necessary criteria doesn't apply the process can stop.


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