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Adding Digital Exhibit Stickers to Trial Exhibit PDFs

A developer called 'Done by 5' has a utility called Final Exhibits that will add digital exhibit stickers to multiple PDFs automatically. I downloaded and tested the trial version tonight. A key advantage of this software is that it will use the file name of the PDF as the basis for the exhibit number that is added to the sticker. So in this example, the first file in my set is named 'DX 1000.pdf'

Final Exhibits can also number exhibits sequentially. It allows you to resize only the first page of the PDF to place the sticker at the bottom in order to avoid covering text that appears on the first page.

Drag and drop the template of the sticker onto the pages to apply the stickers to all loaded PDFs. The Edit menu includes an option to delete all stickers if you have made a mistake.

After you have added the sticker, Final Exhibits gives you the option to reposition the stickers automatically if you want to expand the edges of the page to fit in the sticker. It's also possible to manually relocate the stickers on specific pages.

There's an option for page-level exhibit numbering. It also works by having the user drag and drop the preview of the number from the left pane onto one page of one exhibit.

Different colors (including an option for transparent) and shapes are available.

Thanks to Diarmuid Truax for this post which raves about Final Exhibits.

Sadly, the trial version leaves a banner across the sticker indicating that it's a trial version.


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