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Add Password Protection to Multiple PDF Files

FoxtIt Phantom allows users to create actions that will bulk process multiple PDF files, in a very similar fashion to how actions are created in Adobe Acrobat. It's quite easy to set up an action to password protect multiple PDF files. Follow these steps:

1. Go to File . . . Action Wizard . . . Create New Action

2. In the Protect menu, select Secure Document . . . Password Protect, and add this to the action.

3. From the File menu select Main Panel . . . Save and add that to the action.

4. Under Password Protect click Specify Settings and enter a password. You'll also see an option to select a particular kind of encryption.

5. Be sure to uncheck the option to prompt user for both the Password Protect and Save steps in the action.

6. After the action is saved, you can then run it by going back to File . . . Action Wizard . . . Run Action. You'll see a list of the actions that have been created.

7. After the action is run, a user will be prompted to enter a password each time a PDF is opened.


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