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2021 State of E-Discovery

Exterro has released its 2021 report on The State of E-Discovery . Here are some key findings about the direction the industry is heading in.

  • 45 percent of legal departments have reported an increase in legal disputes as a result of the COVID pandemic, while only 7 percent have reported a decrease.

  • 38 percent of electronic discovery professionals have taken on more responsibilities because of the pandemic.

  • There has been an increase in the number of legal departments with a legal operations specialist, a 39.4% increase since 2015.

  • Legal departments are using e-discovery technology to save time and money, and do more work in-house.

  • 35 percent of legal departments still use ad hoc electronic discovery processes.

  • 71 percent of smaller legal departments don't have an electronic discovery team.

  • 56 percent of legal personnel have performed electronic discovery remotely.

  • 50 percent of government agencies have processes to collect data.

  • 87 percent of government agencies have increasing volumes of data.

  • More than half of respondents reported having an 'immature' electronic discovery function.

  • 40 percent of businesses see more disputes arising from data privacy and cybersecurity issues.


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