Macro to merge Word files

Macro to merge Word files

June 27, 2020

Tonight, I successfully tested the below vba code, posted here by Greg Maxey.  It is designed to merge multiple Word documents together. 


Begin by opening a Word document, and entering Visual Basic by pressing ALT + F11.  Enter this code in a new module. 


You can change the extension of the Word documents referenced by the macro on this line:


  strFile = Dir$(strFolder & "*.doc")        ' can change to .docx




When you run the macro, it will prompt you to select a folder that contains the files you want to merge.  


A new document will open which contains the contents of each source document separated by section breaks. 



Sub MergeDocs()

Dim rng As Range

Dim MainDoc As Document

Dim strFile As String, strFolder As String

Dim Count As Long

    With Application.FileDialog(msoFileDialogFolderPicker)

        .Title = "Pick folder"

        .AllowMultiSelect = False

        If .Show Then

            strFolder = .SelectedItems(1) & Application.PathSeparator


            Exit Sub

        End If

    End With

    Set MainDoc = Documents.Add

    strFile = Dir$(strFolder & "*.doc")        ' can change to .docx

    Count = 0

    Do Until strFile = ""

        Count = Count + 1

        Set rng = MainDoc.Range

        With rng

            .Collapse wdCollapseEnd

            If Count > 1 Then

                .InsertBreak wdSectionBreakNextPage

                .End = MainDoc.Range.End

                .Collapse wdCollapseEnd

            End If

            .InsertFile strFolder & strFile

        End With

        strFile = Dir$()


    MsgBox ("Files are merged")


    Exit Sub

End Sub

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