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Nuix Workstation

If you are using the current version of Nuix Workstation, released in May 2020, note that you will not be able to successfully process certain types of data without installing third party software. Nuix workstation is used to process data from both structured and unstructured data. Nuix Workstation can process, search, index, and analyze ESI. Nuix Workstation will identify email addresses; dollar amounts; company names; and phone numbers.

In order to process Lotus Notes archives with Nuix Workstation you will need to install Lotus Notes Client.

In order to extract data from video files, FFmpeg should be installed. FFmpeg includes codecs for decoding audio and video files. It can convert audio and video files into different formats.

Nuix uses ABBYY FineReader to OCR documents. The 'Nuix OCR Addon' must be installed for this feature to be enabled.

An plug-in is also needed to use Elasticsearch, which allows large data sets to be searched in realtime.

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