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Renaming Tables and Queries in Access Can Crash Your Database

While Access gives you the option to rename tables, queries, and other objects when you right click on them, you should avoiding doing so. After an object is renamed, you may receive an error such as this one:

Part of the trouble stems from the fact that other objects in the database will have trouble finding renamed objects that they have been linked to. If you select the option to 'Track name AutoCorrect info', and 'Perform name AutoCorrect' under File . . . .Options . . . Current Database, Access can avoid errors by updating object names automatically. But you need to give Access time to create the maps. Clear these options, close the database, reopen it, and re-select the options in order to make sure the maps are up to date.

Note the AutoCorrect feature will not revise object name changes in VBA code or queries written in SQL.

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