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Azure vs. COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has seen a huge increase demand for cloud services. Microsoft posted a report on Saturday, which shows that demand for Azure cloud services has increased by 775% in areas effected by orders requiring social distancing. Usage of Windows virtual desktops has tripled. According to Microsoft, "we have not had any significant service disruptions."

In this post, Microsoft tacitly acknowledges that Xbox Live may adversely impact Azure services. So, it may be best to try to get work done after the kids have gone to bed.

Microsoft is apparently leaning on internet service providers to, "reduce bandwidth from video sources" during the workday. So apparently Microsoft is leaning on ISPs to cut off Hulu and Netflix to discourage slacking off in this work-from-era, and help eliminate network lag on remote business networks.

Keep in mind this period from March 2020 to ???? when conducting electronic discovery in the future and remember to account for the increase in cloud service usage.

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