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Bloomberg's Brief Analyzer

Don't miss that your Bloomberg Law account includes a Brief Analyzer. You can upload a text searchable PDF of a brief to the Analyzer and it will assist you with the following tasks:

1. Review the cases and statutes cited in the brief.

You'll be able to download the cited cases with less trouble than listing the cases one by one in Lexis Get & Print.

2. Browse through the brief by clicking on sections of the table of contents displayed on the left of the screen.

3. Bloomberg will suggest content to add for the arguments made in the brief. For example, in the sample brief shown below the Analyzer suggests a cite to a case not cited in the original version of the brief and lists four reasons why it should be included.

The Analyzer will note when a suggested citation cites to the same cases as a section of your brief; when it includes similar language; and when it is from the same court.

4. Easily locate additional citations for the points made in the section by running a keyword search based on the content of that section. So, in this example we search for cases that discuss ballot counting that address the issue when a plaintiff has standing.

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