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Find rows with duplicate data with conditional formatting in Excel

Don't miss that you can easily find not only where duplicate values appear in any range on a worksheet, (see the Tip of the Night for November 25, 2018) but also where values are equal across an entire row, using Conditional Formatting in Excel.

In this example, we want to find where more than player had the same number of home runs and runs batted in in the same season. In column E we enter the CONCATENATE formula, and then select the range of data for the year, HR, and RBI fields. Enter the formula, and then select the first cell, type a comma, select the next cell, type a comma, and then select the final cell and close the formula.

Then select the entire range of data in column E. Go to Home . . . Conditional Formatting . . . Highlight Cell Rules . . . Duplicate Values.

A dialog box will open allowing you to set the color of the duplicate values, or change to a review for unique values.

You can then simply filter in column E for the shaded cells, and the highlight the rest of the columns.

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