Powershell script to split up .csv file

Powershell script to split up .csv file

December 5, 2019

The PowerShell script posted here by Jose Barreto can be used to split up a large .csv file that is difficult to open in Excel.


In this example we have a .csv file which has dates in the first column. 




Enter the following script in PowerShell, listing the path of the source file [C:\FooFolder\2019.12.04\Book1.csv]; the date to split by [gt [datetime] "02/15/2010"]; and then the output file [C:\FooFolder\2019.12.04\Book1split2.csv]




$l=0; type C:\FooFolder\2019.12.04\Book1.csv | 
? { ($l++ -eq 0) -or ([datetime] $_.Split(",")[0] -gt [datetime] "02/15/2010")  } | 
Out-File C:\FooFolder\2019.12.04\Book1split2.csv -Encoding utf8


A new file will be generated that contains only the data from the first, with the entries after 2/15/2010 in the first column. 



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