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TrialWorks - Troubles of New Force in Cloud Based Document Management

Last month, TrialWorks, which hosts the electronic records for thousands of law firms in America, fell victim to a ransomware attack. As a result, lawyers have already had to request extensions on filing deadlines. The data breach may have been caused by a disruption to Outlook service. The incident highlights the hazards of relying on cloud based records. TrialWorks allows firms to retain ownership of data. Its Uptime Practice not only allows for the hosting of data, but also software. Microsoft Office; Exchange; and SQL server are included. Law firms need not have servers on their premises. In order to function well, 512 KBs per second per user are required. TrialWorks’ case management software is among the most widely used in the legal industry, but its recent troubles highlight broader vulnerabilities in the legal world.  

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