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Get Your Attorneys In Synch at Depos with CaseViewNet

The word from court reporters is that these days they use CaseViewNet, more than LiveNote or any other program, to provide a real-time feed to attorneys at depositions. The software can be downloaded for free here. A version exists for both Windows and iPads. With internet access a real-time feed can be received anywhere.

The reporter's feed can be connected in one of three ways:

1. In the connection wizard, select 'Direct (Serial)' if you are using a serial cable. You will be prompted to set a COM port and a baud rate. The COM ports in use are listed in Windows device manager. The most common baud rate is 2400.

2. An internet connection can be accessed with a six character session code. The reporter will also need to provide you with a password so you can successfully log in.

3. If you are on the same network as the court reporter, you can connect via the Network option. A password will still be required.

If you are using Lexis TextMap, CaseView should already be installed.

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