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Formatting Tips for TOAs and TOCs

In order to get the formatting for Tables of Authorities and Tables of Contents correct, be sure that you know how to add in the leading dots before the page numbers and indent the second line of each entry.

Begin by selecting all of the text that you need to format. On the Home tab, click on settings in the Paragraph section (the little arrow on the bottom right corner). Then click on the Tabs button at the bottom left of the dialog box.

Set the tab stop position to 6"; the alignment to 'Center'; and the leader to "2 ......".

When you press tab after each section title or case name the leading dots will be generated.

To set hanging indentations, go back to the Paragraph settings and select 'Hanging' in the Special drop-down menu. Set it to 0.25".

The second line of each section title or case name (before a paragraph return is entered) will be automatically indented.

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