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Recording Phone Calls on an iPhone

The Rev voice recorder app for iPhones, provides a free and easy to way to record your phone calls, that also helps to edit and export the resulting audio files. There's no limit on the length of the recordings you can make and store with Rev. The app relies upon an iPhone's ability to merge multiple current calls.

Rev gives you the option to record both incoming and outgoing calls. To record an outgoing call you first input the number into Rev, rather than dialing it yourself on the standard Phone app. (The number I'm using here is the number of Calin' Oates - if you want to hear some great 80s pop make the call!)

Rev will then prompt you to call its recording number to initiate the first call on the phone, and then prompt you again to make a second call to the number you inputted.

After these steps, you need to select the option to merge the calls.

Rev sets up conference call mode.

When the call is ended an audio file will be quickly generated. It can be trimmed and exported as an .mp3 file. If it's too big to email you can save it to the iPhone hard drive. I tested out the service tonight and was able to hear the playback of Private Eyes just fine.

Rev offers to transcribe calls for the cost of $1 per minute. You can record a call without the other participant's consent in New York State, but this is not the case in California and some other states.

You can also open Rev before or during an incoming call to generate a recording.

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