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Use MFCMAPI to wrangle email data

MFCMAPI is a free API (an application programming interface) for Outlook, which can be downloaded here. MAPI (Messaging Application Programming Interface) allows Windows applications to interface with Outlook or other email clients such as Eudora and send emails. MFCMAPI can be used to investigate issues with Outlook and Exchange by accessing MAPI stores. After MFCMAPI is installed, it should automatically detect your Outlook folders, address books, calendars, and notes.

MFCMAPI has many useful functions but it should be used with caution, as it can corrupt the contents of your Outlook profile if mistakes are made.

One of the useful features of MFCMAPI is that it can detect if an attachment has been blocked. See in the Advanced menu . . . Is attachment blocked, and enter the name of the attachment you want to check.

Going to Quick Start . . . Open Folder . . .will display the metadata for emails in a selected folder, including the Conversation ID. You can right click and export messages with a common subject, or save all attachments in the folder.

MFCMAPI is a great tool for helping to wrangle email data.

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