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NirCmd is another great free utility from NirSoft. It allows for special commands to be run in Windows. It's available for download here.

So for example, if you CTRL + SHIFT right click in the folder containing, the nircmd.exe, and then enter this comand:

nircmd.exe win close class "IEFrame"

. . . any open instances of internet explorer will be closed.

NIrsoft has posted a long list of commands that can be used with this utility on the download page. These include closing all Windows explorer windows:

nircmd.exe win close class "CabinetWClass"

. . . copying the content of a text file to c clipboard

nircmd.exe clipboard readfile "c:\foofolder7\cities.txt"

clearing the clipboard;

nircmd.exe clipboard clear

. . . and speaking the text currently copied to the clipboard:

nircmd.exe speak text ~$clipboard$


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