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Generating HTML Tables

Online HTML generators can create a table which can be added to a web site. See Tables Generator. In the Table menu you can select a number of columns and rows, and a graphic of a table will be created. Data can be entered in the table directly.

Click 'Generate' and the correct HTML code will be created. This code can then be added to a web page as shown below.

HTML code is posted here, on the W3 Schools site which allows us to create a table with sortable columns. The Tip of the Night for January 15, 2018, shows that it's possible to create a table that sorts on one column by clicking a button. Click on the link, 'Try It Yourself' in the section entitled, "Sort Table by Clicking the Headers" to access HTML code that you can edit, and preview to create a table in which you can sort by each of the headings. Edit the values between the td> markers with those you want to add to your table.

The information in this table will be helpful when you're getting review binders ready for attorneys.

Note that in order for the numbers in the second column to sort correctly I had to enter each page total with the same number of digits.

The code can be easily edited to add additional columns.

Simply add another heading in the section with lines beginning '<th oneclick, but increase the sortTable value by one. E.g., "<th onclick="sortTable(2)">City</th>".

. . . and then add in additional <td> values below.

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