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3-D References to Multiple Worksheets

Excel 2013 and higher can use 3-D references to get the values of cell ranges on a range of worksheets using mathematical formulas.

In this example we have sales figures for three different states on three different worksheets.

We want to add up the totals for the three states on the first worksheet. In order to do this, enter the SUM formula in the cell for the first sales total, and then hold down the shift key, click on the first worksheet in the desired range, and the click on the last worksheet in the desired range. Type in a cell reference and then press ENTER.

After you press enter a new formula:

=SUM('New York:California'!B2)

. . . will add up the values in B2 in multiple worksheets.

This will only work with mathematical formulas like SUM, COUNT, MAX, PRODUCT, or AVERAGE.

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