Creating an Excel Workbook and Naming Worksheets

Creating an Excel Workbook and Naming Worksheets

March 4, 2019

Using the Openpyxl module you can use Python to create an Excel workbook and name its worksheets.  Follow these steps:


First import the openpyxl module

>>> import openpyxl


Then import the Workbook class from openpyxl
>>> from openpyxl import Workbook


Identify the workbook
>>> wb = Workbook()


Name the worksheet
>>> sheet =
>>> sheet.title = "identification"


Then save the workbook as a new Excel file


A new workbook is created with a worksheet named 'identification'. 



Additional sheets can be created and named. 

>>> sheet2 = wb.create_sheet()


Specify which number worksheet you want to name.  1 is the second worksheet. 
>>> sheet2 = wb.worksheets[1]
>>> sheet2.title = "preservation"


It's necessary to save the workbook before the sheet will be created in the file. 



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