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Workdays in Excel

The WORKDAYS formula can be used in Excel to find what date is a given number of workdays from a set day, including that day. So in this example, the formula: =WORKDAY(A2,7)

. . . finds that seven days including from and after 12/24/2018 it will be January 2, 2019.

The WORKDAYS formula can also take account of holidays. In this example the holidays are listed in the range G2:G3. The formula: =WORKDAY(A3,7,G2:G3)

. . . finds that 7 workdays are in the period from 12/24/2018 through January 4, 2018, excluding the Christmas and New Year's Day holidays.

The holidays can be entered as serial numbers. 43459 is the serial number for 12/25/2018 and 43466 is the serial number for 1/1/2019.

The NETWORKDAYS formula will find the number of workdays in a given range. So in this example the formula:


. . .finds that there are 8 workdays in the range from 12/24/2018 to 1/2/2019.

With the NETWORKDAYS formula, don't enter the actual dates in the formula, but make reference to the cells which contain the dates, unless you use the serial number format.


It is also possible to insert dates into a formula under Formula . . . Date & Time . . . DATE

Enter the values and Excel will generate the correct serial number.

A new formula in this format:


. . . will be generated.

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