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Bit Recover Email Conversion Tools

Bit Recover has a number of different tools to assist with data recovery, and email conversion. Be sure to check out the 39 free tools Bit Recover makes available here. The tools allow you to review .pst archives, .ost files, .mbox email files (used by Eudora, Thunderbird, and other emails clients); convert Word documents to PDF (& vice versa); and count the number of emails in .mbox and .pst archives. They have limited functionality unless you purchase a license, but you can use them for projects with small data sets.

I tested two of these tools tonight.

The MBOX wizard easily accessed an .mbox archive file with multiple emails.

The tool also allows you to export the emails as PDFs; .msg files; a .pst archive and other common formats.

The DOC to PDF Wizard will convert multiple Word documents to PDF format.

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