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Reading a .csv file with Python's csv module

Here's a follow-up to the Tip of the Night for February 2, 2019, which explained how to read comma separated values in a text file. Python includes a .csv module which can be used to read a file with the .csv extension saved from Excel.

To activate the module enter this line:

>>> import csv

open the file and designate it with a name >>> with open ("C:\FooFolder\Python\cities.csv", newline="") as f:

. . . then specify the delimiter for the .csv file r = csv.reader(f, delimiter=",")

. . . finally display the contents in a delimited list: for row in r: print(row)

['Chicago', 'New York', 'Los Angeles', 'Houston'] ['Springfield', 'Buffalo', 'San Francisco', 'Austin'] ['Joliet', 'Albany', 'San Diego', 'El Paso'] >>>

The csv module has multiple functions and can also be used to write data to .csv files.

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