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Forecasting with Trendlines

Here's a follow-up to the Tip of the Night for January 20, 2019. Trendlines can be added to pivot charts to show the general trend between x and y values. Excel can forecast the trend for periods before or after those for which values are known.

To add a forecast, first select the data series on the chart (e.g., click the tops of the figures listed above bars in a bar chart). In the PivotChart Tools . . . Design submenu, select, 'Add Chart Element . . . Trendline . . . More Trendline Options . . . '. A 'Format Trendline' pane will open on the far right. As discussed in the Tip of the Night for January 20, 2019 select one of the six trendline options.

The section below will give you the option to set a forecast for the trendline X number of x axis units in the future or past.

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